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Toolkit for Reporting on 2013 General Elections


Aurat Foundation is actively working for women’s right to vote and participate in election as candidates since long.  Through its election campaigns in General Elections and elections for local governments since 1993, Aurat Foundation came up with a very coordinated group of civil society partners throughout the country to mobilise women to participate in these elections. The campaigns ensured the mobilization of thousands of women into the jealously guarded domain of male-dominated political and public spaces.  These campaigns contained the components of voters’ education and CNIC registration for women in addition to training on women’s political participation and their electoral and constitutional rights.
In recent years, (2008-2012), Aurat Foundation has facilitated 135,036 women to obtain computerized CNICs registration in 30 districts.
Since July 2011, Aurat Foundation, in collaboration with NADRA, is supporting women’s computerized CNICs registration and voter education in 34 districts through social mobilization in collaboration with local organizations.  This initiative aims at providing CNICs to about 1.6 million women in year 2012-2013.
Major features of this campaign include educating citizens on importance of participating in electoral process and using their votes with a sense of national duty. It includes interaction with political parties and civil society organizations, so that they can also play their role in ensuring maximum participation of women in upcoming elections.
Responding to the call of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to celebrate 17th October as the National  Voters’ Day, Aurat Foundation  is kicking off voters’ education campaign on October 17, 2012, by holding awareness  sessions though its  women leaders  groups and Citizen Action Committees (CACs)  in major cities and districts of Pakistan.


IEC Material for Voters Education

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