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SHE-The Peacebuilder

Aurat Foundation is implementing a project titled 'SHE - The Peacebuilder' or 'Khuwateen Muamaar-e-Aman' in provincial capitals of Pakistan.

This project aims to train fifty (50) women peace architects (WPAs) and increase their capacity to participate in conflict resolution and peacebuilding processes. As a result of this, the WPAs will have increased knowledge and skills so that they are able to collaborate with government and civil society stakeholders for promotion of peace and in order to strengthen democratic practices of peacebuilding in Pakistan.

Radio Programmes

13. Role of women peace architects in conflict resolution and promoting peace
view: (Click)
Ms. Anbreen Ajaib-A prominent women rights activist, Executive Director of Bedari, a senior development professional and a researcher, Ms. Wardah Shahid-A young women peace architect, a youth leader, a university scholar and researcher and Ms. Hafsa Amar- A youth leader, women peace architect, a university scholar, a development practitioner and researcher
12. Women Political/Social leaders and their role in development and promoting rights
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Ms. Naheed Irfan Khatak -Deputy Director at Ministry of Human Right, leading human rights, gender and development initiatives, a rights activist, and Ms. Najeeba Sayed -A prominent women, children and minority rights activist and women peace architect
11. Role of women lawyers in promoting legal rights of women
view: (Click)
Ms. Rabia Sagar -a renowned lawyer and head of Rabia Sagar Law Chamber Islamabad, Legal Consultant-Overseas Pakistanis Network Islamabad, A law practitioner for the last 13 years and has worked across Pakistan and a rights activist, and Ms. Imrana Komal -A prominent High court lawyer with rich experience, a prominent, women,
10. Role of women with disabilities in development and promoting peace
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Ms. Maria Qurashi -a renowned disability rights activist, A-senior development professional, and Ms. Dr. Yusra Gillani, a prominent disability rights activist, a medical professional, winner of Kadija Tul Kubra award in recognition of her services
9. Role of transgender leaders in promoting rights and peace
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Ms. Nadeem Kashish-A renowned transgender leader, a political, social, and transgender rights activist, Ms. Julie, prominent transgender leader, Ms. Mumtaz Mughal- famous women rights and human rights activist, associated with Aurat Foundation
8. Role of Local government/peace committees in resolving/ending domestic violence.
view: (Click)
Ms. Saba Afzal-A renowned political and social activist, former general member MCI, ICT and Ms. Jaya Jaggi, A young Human, Minority Rights Activist, Woman Peace Architect
7. Role of media in promoting peace and harmony in the society
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Ms. Rakhshanda Taj Baloch-A journalist, associated with APP, a writer and analyst, and Ms. Afshan-A Senior journalist, editor of Aahang Magazine and analyst
6. Role of teachers in promoting peace and interfaith harmony
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Ms. Fariha Tahir, Faculty member of NUST Department of Development Studies, Faculty Patron-Development Studies Society and Social Media-School of Social Sciences and Humanities, and a renowned researcher. Ms. Hfsa Amar-A youth activist and women rights activist, studying development and conflict studies at NDU Islamabad, a young women peace architect and researcher
5. Role of women political leaders in conflict resolution and promoting peace/social harmony
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Dr. Sarwat Rauf-Expert IR, Conflict Resolution and Ms. Tahira Mushtaq, A renowned political and women rights activist from Rawalpindi, One time district councillor and two times general councillor
4. Role of community women leaders in conflict resolution and peacebuilding

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Ms. Daultana Kausar, Renowned Social, Women Rights and Human Rights Activist and Political Activist- Member of Peace Committee, A Women Peace Architect- Ms. Razia Sultana, A prominent Human and Women Rights Activist, President of Pakistan Women Alliance, Two time General Councillor, Associated with Social Sector for the last 20 years, and a Women Peace Architect

3. Role of women in promoting peace and climate justice

Date: 28 December 2022 (Click)
Guests featured Ms Shad Begum and Ms Wardah Shahid

2. Ending violence against women and girls

Date: 21 December 2022 (Click).
Guests featured were Ms. Fozia Kalsoom Rana and Ms. Jaya Jaagi

1. SHE - The Peacebuilder

Date: 14 December 2022 (Click)


A one-day project startup workshop was held in a local hotel in Islamabad on 7th July 2022 which brought all the implementing partners of the project 'SHE - The Peacebuilder' together for the first time to discuss and debate what their roles and responsibilities will be during the project. The startup workshop was divided into three sessions with the first session of the day being the introduction session. In this session, Mr. Shahid Rahim, senior manager SFCG, and Ms. Mumtaz Mughal explained the aims and objectives of the project. In the second session of the workshop, the partners briefed each other about their organization's project work plans and how they will implement the project activities over the course of one year. Discussion regarding the project design and its activities was held in this session. The final session was regarding the way forward and the key takeaways which all the participants had agreed upon during the startup workshop. The startup workshop had participants from Aurat Foundation, Kadam Communications and Consultants (KCC) and Search for Common Ground (SFCG).

A three-day training workshop was conducted successfully at a local hotel in Islamabad. This training workshop featured trainers, women peace architects (WPAs), participants from the other implementing partners as well as the donor organization. The main objective of this three-day exercise was to introduce the participants to the training manual AF has produced with collaboration from an external consultant. The manual has ten modules and each module and its various exercises and activities were discussed in detail during the workshop.

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