Aurat Publication & Information Service Foundation
Election Monitor 2013
18 April 2013

Press Release


Lahore (PR): Aurat Foundation has expressed surprise on some election symbols as conceived by Election Commission of Pakistan and offered to candidates in the election. Symbols derogatory to our values, norms and religion should not be included in the Election Commission of Pakistan list of election symbols. Symbols like alligator do not reflect positive aspect of our culture and should not be allowed in the list nor be allotted to any election candidate. Aurat Foundation also uttered concern that the media is not allowing adequate space to women in their special programs general election 2013.
All talk shows are dominated by male participants. Aurat Foundation urged that in view of women being 50% of the population, they genuinely deserve more space than being warranted to them currently.

Released by
Gender Election Monitoring Cell
Aurat Foundation