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Aurat Foundation, has launched a nation-wide Motherland Flood Relief Campaign to meet the urgent needs of women, children, and the elderly. We need your help to provide critical supplies to the flood’s most vulnerable victims.

Pakistan is currently facing the worst disaster in its history. Massive floods have engulfed large portions of the country, directly affecting above 30 millions people.
The resulting human suffering is enormous. Over 30000 people have died, with the number rising each day. Millions have become homeless and lack clean water, food, and medical supplies. Sanitary conditions have deteriorated and disease poses a serious threat. 4 million displaced children risk death from diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and dysentery, resulting from polluted water and lack of sanitation. Over 10 million acres of wheat, cotton, sugarcane, and other crops have already been ruined, leading to grave concerns of food insecurity for months to come.

Women, particularly heads-of-households and pregnant women, face some of the gravest threats. They have less access to relief and aid, as relief efforts by the government and aid organizations often do not meet their specific needs. Approximately one million pregnant flood victims are currently at risk because of lack of medical services and supplies. In addition, women and girls in the flooded regions are suffering from under- and mal-nutrition, anemia, poor hygiene and sanitation, and greater vulnerability to disease.

Aurat Foundaion will use donated funds to provide flood victims with clean water, water sanitation tablets, dried cereal grains, rice, flour, basic food items, vitamins, medicines, soap, personal hygiene products, and cooking utensils. In addition, the Campaign is also focusing specifically on meeting women’s immediate needs including the provision of sanitary napkins, undergarments, and other essential clothing.
Each donation will make an immediate difference in the life of a flood victim


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Save women and children

With a few shining exceptions, overall, the Government's and the donors' and non-government agencies' emergency relief plans are seriously lacking the gender lens, and women's special concerns and needs are once again being ignored. Experiences of past crises and emergencies suggest that mainstreamed gender-sensitive initiatives are the best way to meet women's special needs and to protect them from such disproportionate suffering in disaster and conflict situations.

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