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Fostering Peace through Collaboration: Inclusive Womens Voices Co-Creating Our Future, Islamabad


Fostering Peace through Collaboration: Inclusive Womens Voices Co-Creating Our Future

Aurat Foundation conducted A One-Day Co-Creation Workshop for Women Peace Architects (WPAs) of Punjab, KP and ICT at The Hill View Hotel, Islamabad on 29th April, 2024. The main objective of this workshop was to refine the grant concepts by unpacking the aim of the seed grants and how these will contribute to the project's objectives. To Identify potential for synergies between the initiatives proposed and clarify implementation modalities: contractual requirements, implementation timeline, reporting for the projects proposals that were previously submitted by the WPAs.

Ms Anais Thizy, Project Officer, Regional Office SFCG, Kyrgyzstan and Mr Kumarbek Kainazara, Regional Finance Specialist, SFCG, Kyrgyzstan facilitated the workshop. Ms Mumtaz Mughal, Program Manager, Aurat Foundation, Mr Shahid Rahim, Program Manager, SFCG and Ms Tehreem Tasadduq, M & E, Glow consultants co-facilitated few sessions.

Ms Mumtaz Mughal, Program Manager, Aurat Foundation facilitated the session that focused on refining project concepts by delving into the purpose of seed grants and their alignment with project objectives. She engaged WPAs in discussions aimed at clarifying the intended outcomes and how they would support the broader goals of the project. She provided participants with valuable details about how to brainstorm their project concepts, clarify objectives, and strengthen alignment with project goals.

Ms Anais Thizy, Regional Program Officer, SFCG, Kyrgyzstan facilitated the session "What change are we Seeking". This session commenced with an interactive exercise/presentation aimed at engaging the WPAs in envisioning the impact, result, and activities of their respective projects. The exercise was structured to encourage active participation and reflection on the desired outcomes of their initiatives. During the exercise, each WPA was asked to present the IMPACT, RESULT, and ACTIVITIES of their projects, respectively.

Mr Shahid Rahim, Program Manager, SFCG facilitated the session on "Creating Synergies" through a speed-dating exercise with the aim of facilitating connections, resource sharing, and knowledge exchange among participants. The exercise was designed to foster collaboration and identify areas of common interest or overlap between projects. This speed-dating exercise proved to be an effective strategy for creating synergies and fostering collaboration among WPAs. Through active engagement and dialogue, WPAs identified common ground, shared resources, and laid the groundwork for meaningful partnerships. The session not only facilitated knowledge exchange but also strengthened the sense of community and collective purpose among each other.

Ms Tehreem Tasadduq, M&E, Glow Consultants told participants about the meaning of impacts. She said that impact is basically the tangible results or effects resulting from a project. Looking at how much the project has actually helped or benefitted the people it was meant to serve. In other words, you can also say that weather or not the objectives of the project been achieved and to what extent. The importance of measuring impact is that it gives accountability to your project. Provides you with valuable insights, learning and improvements. It also helps in making informed decisions for resource allocations and made evidence based decisions. It also gives an effectiveness to your project by promoting transparency and trust.

Mr Kumarbek, Regional Finance Specialist, SFCG, Kyrgyzstan explained all details about the "Funding Mechanism". The funding mechanism works in way that before the agreement signing process, preparation is very important. In order to complete these preparation, you should have a proper work plan. Work plan is a detailed plan outlining the tasks, milestones, and timeline for the project or initiative that the funding will support. The beauty of the agreement is basically the deliverables. They are the specific outcomes or products that the funded project is expected to produce within a given timeframe. After creating a work plan and deliverable you need to plan the budget. A breakdown of the financial resources allocated to different aspects of the project, including expenses such as personnel, equipment, and materials. It is very important to keep the invoices of the expenses.