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Ensure transparent, merit-based selection criteria and process for nomination of women on general and reserved seats , Lahore


Ensure transparent, merit-based selection criteria and process for nomination of women on general and reserved seats

Aurat Foundation collaborated with the Women’s Learning Partnership (WLP) to organize a 3-Day National Training Institute 28-30 December 2023 at Park Lane Hotel, Lahore. This initiative primarily targets women actively involved in advocating for women's progress and serving as leaders within their communities. In the workshop, participants gained insights into WLP's training methodology and acquired specific tools and strategies aimed at promoting women's leadership, political engagement, and human rights.

Around 22 women leaders participated. The training drew participants from various sectors, including staff members of local women's rights organizations, media professionals, lawyers, academia, political activists, and representatives of local government. Attendees were from the province of the Punjab.

In the end of training, women leaders hold a press conference and presented the charter of demand:

  1. Ensure that women rights are a priority area for manifestoes of all political parties.
  2. Ensure the effective implementation of women's quota in political party structures, including decision-making bodies and candidate nominations.
  3. Political parties shall mandate comprehensive training programs for women within political parties, covering leadership skills, political strategies, and issue-based advocacy.
  4. Both political parties and election commission shall ensure strict anti-harassment policies not only within political parties but also on the digital spaces to create a safe and inclusive environment for women to actively participate in the political process.
  5. Launch public awareness campaigns to promote the importance of women's political participation and challenge stereotypes, fostering a supportive public opinion.
  6. Allocate sufficient funds to support women candidates during election campaigns, addressing financial barriers that hinder their active involvement.
  7. Ensure transparent, merit-based selection criteria and process for nomination of women on reserved seats.
  8. Government shall ensure 33% representation of women in local government.
  9. Election Commission of Pakistan shall ensure Implementation of measures to enhance the accessibility of polling stations, taking into consideration the unique needs and challenges faced by women, including those in rural and remote areas.
  10. Both political Parties and ECP shall ensure developing and disseminating gender-sensitive voter education programs to inform women about their rights, the importance of voting, and the electoral process.
  11. Government shall ensure and implement enhanced security measures around polling stations to ensure the safety of women voters and candidates, especially in areas prone to political violence or where women are barred to vote.
  12. Election Commission shall ensure transparent reporting and publication of gender-disaggregated data related to electoral processes, providing insights into women's participation at every stage.