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3-Day Orientation of Legal Aid Desk Officers of Sindh, Karachi


3-Day Orientation of Legal Aid Desk Officers of Sindh

Aurat Foundation organized a 3-Day orientation workshop for Legal Aid Desk Officers of Sindh on 7 - 9 April 2023 at Hotel Mehran, Karachi where Legal Aid Desk Officers by way of targeted districts of Sindh, representatives of COBs, AF and UNDP participated. The objective of the workshop was to bolster the knowledge and skills of legal aid desk officers on issues affecting KPs, PLHIV, and people at risk of HIV.

The workshop was designed for capacity building and to enhance the apprehension of Legal Aid Desk Officers on the issues of KPs, PLHIV, or at risk of HIV moreover to provide them with details on the project, deliverables, legal framework, and resource channels accessible at the district and provincial levels. Additionally, they received training on work procedures, implementation strategies, and handling PLHIV or HIV-at-risk cases with dignity, esteem, and confidentiality.

To pique participants' interest, various approaches were implemented. There were structured group activities, interactive sessions, plenary debates, and brainstorming sessions. During the workshop, aside from reading materials provided to the participants, PowerPoint slides and multimedia were also used as teaching aids. The attendees avidly engaged in the discussions and added to the proceedings with their extensive field knowledge.

Ms. Shamaila Tanvir, Project Manager provided the project introduction while Ms. Mahnaz Rahman, Resident Director gave presentation on Sex vs. Gender, and concepts of GBV. Ms. Irum Khan, UNDP Islamabad and Dr. Rabnawaz from UNDP Karachi hold the sessions on stigma and discrimination linked with PLHIV & KPs, and basic information on HIV.

An opportunity was also made available for COBs to join and communicate with the Legal Aid Desk Officers during the second portion of the first day in order to further coordinate and carry out activities.

Sessions were held on the second day of the workshop on 'Social Inclusion in the Context of KPs', 'Overview of Constitutional, National and Provincial Legal and Policy Frameworks for the Protection of Human Rights of PLHIV or at Risk of HIV', and 'Mapping Exercise of Referral Mechanisms for Protection of KPs PLHIV or at Risk of HIV'.

Ms. Kalepna Dev Advocate, Additional Attorney General provided a brief presentation on the legal framework available for the protection of KPs, PLHIV, or at risk of HIV.

The legal aid desk officers drafted their action plans on the third day of the course and presented them at the conclusion of the session. Work methods and implementation plans were carefully examined and decided upon.

Ms. Shamaila Tanvir, Project Manager, Aurat Foundation, Islamabad, moderated and facilitated the workshop. Ms. Malka Khan, Regional Manager, Karachi gave closing remarks and expressed gratitude at the conclusion of the workshop.