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First Women Bank Ltd pays tribute to iconic women, Islamabad


First Women Bank Ltd pays tribute to iconic women

Working tirelessly to uplift women, Ms. Nigar Ahmed is remembered for co-founding the Aurat Foundation, a respected organization dedicated to women’s empowerment since 3 decades. So great was her impact of her many efforts over her lifetime, Ms. Nigar Ahmed received the Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah Life Time Achievement Award for her contributions, and was one of the 1,000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005. Read on about her journey to empower women across Pakistan:

Celebrating Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day, FWBL pays tribute to iconic women whose legacies are strongly interwoven in the fabric of the nation’s heritage. Their remarkable achievements, in their own unique way, contribute to who we are as a nation today.