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Meeting With Women Voter Network, Political Workers And Young Activists, Rawalpindi


Meeting With Women Voter Network, Political Workers And Young Activists

Aurat Foundation organized the meeting with Women Voter Network, political workers and young activists of JAZBA on 12th July, 2021 at Rawalpindi district. The meeting comprised of two groups. One with the political workers and other with the women voter network. It was an interactive meeting that how JAZBA is working and what are the spaces that can be created with this project. It was participatory and healthy discussion.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Arshad Gill from Global Affairs Canada. Many political workers, District and Tehsil representatives, lawyers, media personals and young activists and minority group was part of the meeting. The meeting was participatory, brainstorming with their experiences and ideas that enabled participants to innovate ideas and perspectives. Each of the participants was given chance to actively participate in the meeting to share their views and experience. There is an aura of comfort and mutual understanding among the participants that generated adherence and their full and devoted attention.
Ms. Shafaq, has given the overview of their work in JAZBA in two years and shared the achievements and challenges in their working.

 Mr. Arshad talked about the spaces where still women can create their space. Participants talked about the barriers and hurdles to enhance the participation of women in Local Government system. How can we increase women seats and participation in Local government and what provision JAZBA can provide to its groups. The group talked about the minorities that what are the hurdles they are facing and what are the spaces for their participation to increase. 

Mr. Arshad also talked to women voter network that how are they working and what are the ground realities in their communities. Mr. Arshad discussed about the hurdles and barriers for their working and how can they further enhance their outreach and working in their constituencies. 

In the end, it was decided that these young activists will form women voter network through advocacy in their District Rawalpindi. These political workers will further mobilize and advocate for the increase in representation of women in Local government up to thirty three percent. This meeting was a guideline for the groups to continue their struggle for increase in women participation.