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Training Workshop on Effective Local Accountability, Islamabad


Training Workshop on Effective Local Accountability

Aurat Foundation arranged a "Training Workshop on Effective Local Accountability" at Margalla Hotel, Islamabad on Oct. 24, 2019 under project of Creating Spaces to take actions on violence against women and girls. Women leaders, Women Protec Forum members, lawyers and youth attended the training session.

The objective of this activity is to create awareness in advancing women's rights, women's leadership and the elimination of violence against women and girls by building the capacity of these women by changing their attitudes, norms and behaviors, and to strengthen standards, legislation, and regulations. 

The formal meeting started with the welcome note by Ms. Shamaila Tanvir, Project Manager, followed by introduction of the participants. She has given brief introduction on the elimination of violence against women and girls. She has taken an overview analysis of participants' understanding before training.

Mr. Bilal Naqeeb, Master Trainer, briefly explained the concepts of governance, good governance and community governance. He told the model for good community governance. He further conducted a group activity to describe governance of community through SWOT model. Then further he explained the term accountability and every nuke and corner of it. Social accountability was of major concern. Then for social accountability understanding, he conducted a role play through group engagement.

In the end, he concluded with summarizing whole training by an over view of its training. Then the feedback of understanding to their topic is taken from all the participants. Total 30 participants participated in this training. Training session was ended with note of thanks by Ms. Isma Sana, Project Manager, Creating Space Project, Oxfam.