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Water Energy Food Nexus; Does the Nexus actually work? Women's Perspective, Karachi


Water Energy Food Nexus; Does the Nexus actually work? Women's Perspective

Aurat Foundation organized and sponsored a session "Water Energy Food Nexus; Does the Nexus actually work? Women's Perspective" during the 4th International Water Conference at Marriot Hotel, Karachi organized by Hissar Foundation. The objectives of session were; ascertain if the water-energy-food nexus is something that resonates with women, whether this concept is useful and usable for Women Water Networks. The session was chaired by Dr Abida Farooqi, Assistant Professor Environmental Sciences, Quaid-i-Azam University.

Ms. Mumtaz Mughal, Director Progarmme presented a summary of women's colloquiums and shared the future of Women and Water Networks and how it embraces NEXUS. Women's rights activists Ms. Farzana Saleem and Ms. Farkhunda Aurangzeb shared that the history of Women and Water Networks. A presentation was given by Ms. Meher Nowshirwani on women and Nexus. The session recognized the pivotal role of gender in the food and energy nexus. Women are needed in policy making at all levels of the water sector as guarantors for water reforms. Women and girls, and the way they are impacted by access to water, food and environmental entitlements constitute a large part of the picture, and most importantly a large part of the solution.

The 4th International Water Conference was inaugurated by President of Republic of Pakistan, Dr Arif Alvi. While addressing 4th Karachi International Water Conference. He highlighted the importance to establish a network of partnerships on water and food security involving private sector, government, civil society, media and people of Pakistan, is the need of the hour. He said that we live in a time, where our children are rightfully holding us accountable for our mistakes in failing to take care of the environment. They expect us to protect natural resources and leave them a legacy on which to build a water and food sufficient society.

Addressing the concluding ceremony of Water Conference, Governor Sindh, Mr. Imran Ismail said that water crisis was one of the major challenges faced by the present government for which Prime Minister Imran Khan decided to implement water supply projects across the country. He stressed upon improved inter-provincial coordination to mitigate prevailing water and food security risks, while stressing for provincial consensus on the implementation of water policy so that the growing needs of the country could be met accordingly.

Ms. Simi Kamal, Founder member of Hissar Foundation shared the objectives of conference. She said that Water Energy Food concept applied to water security (access and supply), food and energy with water holding center stage. The Nexus approach allows exploration through the prism of valuing water, food, social and economic inclusion (gender and youth), water governance, water infrastructure, and investment. Delivering water, energy and food for all in a sustainable and equitable way is one of the major challenges faced by society.

The conference was attended by leaders, actors and players of the water sector that are working on Water-Energy-Food Nexus and related areas. Major global, regional and national organizations and their representatives, researchers, professionals, decision-makers, business innovators, practitioners, experts, women's groups and youth groups.

By the end of the conference we expect to see the emergence of a research agenda on WEF nexus, pledges of government and people working together and working relationships connecting developed and developing countries to address our common heritage.