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16 days of activism against Gender Based Violence 2019, Quetta


16 days of activism against Gender Based Violence 2019

Aurat Foundation in collaboration with EVAW-G Alliance, organized a press conference at Quetta Press Club on "16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence". Mr. Allauddin Khilji, Mr. Watan Yar Khilji (Chairman EVAW/G Alliance), Ms. Huma Fouladi, Mr. Muhammad Khalil (UN-Women), Ms. Naseema Salam (BRSP), Ms. Shania, Mr. Ishfaq Mengal, Mr. Saeed Akbar (DANESH) briefed the participants about the campaign.

Mr. Allauddin Khilji, Resident Director Aurat Foundation, Balochistan, members of EVAW-G Alliance and other civil society organizations were addressed in press conference. Mr. Allauddin Khilji from Aurat Foundation presented the VAW Report 2019. In this report, 118 incidents of VAW were reported in Balochistan during in 11 months of 2019, while 70 women and 11 men were killed, of which 43 women and 9 men were killed in the name of honour, Domestic violence and household issues forced 17 women to commit suicide, 13 women were faced domestic torture; 28 cases of murder; 4 women were abducted; 3 women were thrown acid and 1 incident of threat against women was reported.

The present report has categorized incidents of violence on depending upon the nature of violence. These have been categorized as murder, domestic violence, hurt and body injury, kidnapping, suicide, beating, burning, rape, Gang rape, 'honor' killing, and any other kind of violence.

Mr. Allauddin Khilji (Resident Director) expressed his concern the several women are sacrificed on honor killing, Karo kari, there is no one to listen these thousands women's crying, who could escape them from the traditional cruel customs in Balochistan as well as Pakistan, women are being treated with violence every day. In the last four years more than thousand women were killed on the name honor. He stressed upon the Government, civil society organizations and tribal notables to rescue the effected women.

Mr. Khilji said that the trend of killing women in the cases of siah kari and leaving the men alive is practiced in the interior of Balochistan for the last few years. This clearly raises suspicions about the role of jirga in the settlement of cases of siah kari. Jirga decisions point to the fact that, the tradition of honor killing has become a trade under the protection of tribal jirgas. In the incidents of siah Kari men are let alive in the incident of siah kari. Later they are presented before the jirga, which charged them a heavy amount of compensation. This decision clearly reflects the commercialization of the norm of honor killing. In this situation responsibility lies with the tribal elders, intellectuals, parliamentarians (especially women parliamentarians), civil society and media to look into the matter before it becomes another societal dilemma against the already suppressed women of Balochistan.

Ms. Huma Fouladi said that every year, 16 days of activism against gender-based violence are celebrated. Started from 25 November and continuing till December 10, the theme of this year 2019 is "Orange the World; Generation Equality stands against the Rape".

The movement all over the world raise their voices against the violence and oppression of women in these 16 days. Mr. Khilji said that Aurat Foundation, EVAW/G and UN-Women have setup various programs / activities for 16 days of activism to combat violence against women. The campaign will begin on November 25 with a ceremony at Balochistan Rural Support Programme (BRSP), ending on December 10, 2019, the International day for Human Rights. He further said that the campaign includes meetings with Parliamentarians, holding awareness sessions, Seminars, walk, panel Discussions at boys and girls schools in different districts of Balochistan.

Aurat Foundation and other Civil Society Organizations demand from Government that;
1. Like other provinces, Provincial Government Balochistan should take affirmative steps for the establishment of Provincial Commission on the Status of Women.
2. Provincial coalition government to put their efforts for passage of "The Child Marriage Prohibition Bill" from Provincial Assembly Balochistan.
3. To ensure the formation of "Inquiry Committees" under Anti-Harassment Act 2016 at all government and non-government institutions and also aware citizens at local level on that.
4. Formation of rules and regulations regarding implementation of Domestic Violence Act.
5. Formation of policies at provincial level for socio-economic protection of Women Home-Based Workers, formulation of development schemes for improvement of economic status of Women Home-Based Workers and establishment of 'Product Finishing Units' for finishing of products made by them.
6. Formation of policy at government level for restoration of peace and harmony among citizens of Balochistan.
7. New committees with the partnership of civil societies, philanthropists, local representatives and scouts should be formed and organized by government beside Provincial and District level Disaster Management Authorities to play effective part in focusing on women and children in time of calamity.
8. Easy friendly access should be provided to disabled women in all government and private departments.
9. Mental Health Care unit should be established in all civil hospitals at provincial and district level.
10. Mobile centers for Fistula treatment should be established at all Basic Health Units across the province.
11. Psychiatrist should be appointed in the institutions of Special Children established under Social Welfare Department.
12. Emergency exits should be established in all hospitals including Bolan Medical Complex.
13. Women Friendly Spaces like day care center, toilets, rest/common rooms and information desks should be established at Chamber of Commerce, Courts, Media Houses and all public and private offices/institutions.
14. HR policies of Media Houses should be revised in accordance with the gender sensitive needs through provision of maternity, annual and casual leave.
Gender Sensitive HR policies should be prepared by Chamber of Commerce, Courts, Media Houses and all public and private offices/institutions.
15. Political parties should give equal tickets to women on contesting through general seats. 16. Legislation and implementation of "Acid Survivor Rehabilitation Bill" for Balochistan.
17. Dar-ul-Aman for women survivors and women police stations should be established at Divisional capitals.
18. Special measures should be adopted in the courts to ensure speedy trial of case related to violation of basic human rights of women.