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Post Master General Balochistan visits AF Quetta office, Quetta


Post Master General Balochistan visits AF Quetta office

On April 7, 2016, Post Master General (PMG) of Balochistan Mr. Khalid Awais Ranjha visited Aurat Foundation Quetta office. The visit of PMG was planned on his request. During his visit, discussion was made on the background of Aurat Foundation, ongoing projects and sub-grants awarded in Balochistan under Gender Equity Program (GEP).

Mr. Ranjha showed great interest towards the activities of Aurat Foundation in Balochistan and desired to extend his support. In reply Aurat Foundation team thanked him for visiting Quetta office. He was asked to help regional office in spreading women’s rights messages, by printing  such messages on the back of mailing envelops for the awareness of masses. He assured regional team for his complete support and also asked to devise messages that can be printed on the postal envelops.

At the end of meeting Mr. Haroon Dawood, Resident Director,  along  with Aurat Foundation’s team, thanked PMG for his visit and extending support to regional office for promoting women’s rights agenda in Balochistan through messages.