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Election Monitor 2013
8 April 2013

Postal Voters should apply for two postal ballot papers for exercising their right of vote in 11 May General Elections.

Lahore (PR) Explaining the procedure on how to avail facility of postal ballot paper at a workshop organized by Aurat Foundation, it was told that postal voters should send their applications for postal ballot separately to the Returning Officer of National AssemblyConstituency and the Returning Officer of Provincial Assembly Constituency in which they are registered voters.
The two ballot papers will beissued separately by the Returning Officers of NA and the Returning officer of PA to the voter who will mark the ballot papers in favour of National Assembly candidates and Provincial Assembly Candidate of his/ her choice.
Women who are in the service of Pakistan or are holding public office or have been appointed for any election duty or are on some security assignment, away from their residential electoral area, are entitled to make use of the facility of postal ballot paper.
Aurat Foundation has emphasized such voters to make application without further delay. Latest by 15 April 2013, the last date fixed for this purpose by ECP. They must give that serial number as in the voters list in addition to mentioning their name and address.

Released by
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