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Election Monitor 2013

03 May, 2013

Gender Concerns International & Aurat Foundation deploys international and national observers to observe Elections 2013 on 11 May




May 3, 2013

Gender Concerns International kindly thanks the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan for welcoming their Gender Election Monitoring (GEM) Mission.

It is with great pleasure that the GEM Mission announces their Head of the Mission as Ms. Sabra Bano, Director of Gender Concerns International. Ms. Bano has been the Head of previous GEM Missions including Libya (2012), Morocco (2011), Tunisia (2011), and Pakistan (2008). It is with great pride that I get to take part in this historical moment for Pakistan by heading the only international election observation mission to monitor the elections from a gender perspective. The government of Pakistan’s recognition of the importance of women’s political participation foreshadows a promising future for Pakistan. ”, says Head of Mission Ms. Sabra Bano.

Ms. Sabra Bano will arrive in Pakistan on 5 May and will be accompanied by a team of gender expert observers on 8 May, including the Deputy Head of the Mission, Ms. Magda de Meyer, who was previously the Deputy Head of the GEM Mission Pakistan (2008), Tunisia (2011) and Libya (2012) and Ms. Ann Wilkens, political analyst and former Ambassador of Sweden to Pakistan.

The organisation will be launching their GEM Missionby deploying a team of female gender expert international observers (IOs) to different parts of Pakistan. The IOs will be deployed to their respective observation stations to observe the electoral process from a gender perspective on 10 May.

The GEM Mission Pakistan 2013 will be conducted in partnership with the Aurat Foundation.The IOs will be joined by fiftyfemale observers from Pakistan, who have been recruited and appointed as election observers by the Aurat Foundation.

Expert trainers will hold training workshops for GEMdomestic observers. The GEM Mission observers will follow a comprehensive observation methodology developed through Gender Concerns International’sexperience in election observation and promoting gender inclusive governance throughout the Middle East and North Africa Region and parts of Asia.

Two days following the elections, theGEM Mission will issue a preliminary report, which will be followed by a final report to include recommendations for promoting gender inclusive elections.