Ethics Protocols
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Ethics Committee and its Role

The Ethics Committee will be a three-member committee based at the head-office. It will comprise two national level directors and head of the Internal Audit.
The HR Manager will be secretary of all meetings, and will be kept in the loop by the Ethics Committee throughout the proceedings of the case. The present Ethics Committee includes:

  1. Ms. Mumtaz Mughal, Directors Programmes (
  2. Ms. Mehnaz Rehman - Resident Director, Karachi (
  3. Mr. Asim Malik - Director Outreach and Network (

The HR department will be responsible for maintaining the record and documentation of all such proceedings. If any one of the members of the Ethics Committee is the subject of whistleblower’s allegations then he or she will be replaced on the Committee for that case by the Committee.

After conducting investigations, if the Ethics Committee feels that the issue raised by the whistleblower is critical to the operations of AF and threatens to have pervasive negative implications, the Committee will escalate the matter to the Board of Governors through the Finance, Audit and Human Resources Committee of the Board for further deliberation. The decision of the Board will be considered final.