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Creating Spaces project is the continuation of mutual trust and cooperation between Aurat Foundation and OXFAM in Pakistan with the financial support of Global Affairs Canada. It is a multi-country project seeks to reduce violence against women and girls, and reduce the prevalence of child, early and force marriages in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and Philippines.

Project Outcomes are:

1) Active engagement of community leaders (including religious, private sector, and political leaders) and youth (both girls and boys) in advancing women’s rights, women’s leadership and the elimination of violence against women and girls by building their capacity.

2 )Ensure that women and girls who have been affected by violence and child, early and forced marriage are able to ensure their long-term well-being by accessing support services, such as safe spaces (shelters), and psycho-social support, as well as economic opportunities.

3) Support strategic linkages, national and regional alliances and innovative knowledge and accountability systems that advance the rights of women and girls.