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Aurat Foundation demands ‘Justice for Perween Rahman’, Islamabad


Aurat Foundation demands ‘Justice for Perween Rahman’

A demonstration demanded the Supreme Court of Pakistan a speedy justice for Perween Rahman, human rights activist assassinated on March 13, 3013, in Karachi, by anti-human rights forces.  The demonstration, organized by Aurat Foundation on November 25, 2013, in front of National Press Club, Islamabad, was part of continuing series of actions which civil society has announced to pursue the case in the Supreme Court and get justice for the deceased and her family.  

Emphasizing on the importance of public pressure, the civil society organizations agreed to plan a series of peaceful demonstration to build public pressure as a gesture of support to expedite the proceedings of case and for verdict to be given.  The demonstrators reverberated that there was a dire need for a sustained campaign. It was mutually decided by the group that this demonstration and other in the future should not be aimed at confrontation rather it should be a gesture of support to a quick verdict.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has accepted the petition for hearing the Perween Rehman murder case.  This was shared by Mr Younas Khalid, Chief Strategy & Policy Officer, Aurat Foundation, and Ms Rehana Hashmi, Executive Director, Sisters Trust.  They also shared that 7,800 petitions have been signed by the human rights activists and filed to the Supreme Court; 50 % of the petitions have been received from   outside the country.  “We have full confidence in our superior judiciary, and expect speedy trial / hearing of the case to bring culprits to the justice”, said Mr Khalid Younas.  Ms Rehana Hashmi shared that a demand has been made for the formation of a judicial commission comprising senior police official and a judge.

The participants also signed a supporting banner and petitions which would be sent to the Supreme Court to become party in the case.  The participants also made commitment that they would bring human right activists and member of civil society organizations for the court hearing to be part of speedy justice.