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Women’s Day Art Exhibition, Rawalpindi


Women’s Day Art Exhibition

The exhibition displayed the works of senior artists Mansoor Rahi, Hajra Mansoor, Raja Changez Sultan, Nsir Malik, Aliya Mirza, Raja Najam-ul-Hassan, Mir Wais, Zainab Nawaz, and works of students of Foundation University. The event was inaugurated by Her Excellency Cecilie Landsverk, Ambassador of Norway, and Ms Tahira Abdullah, renown human and women’s rights activist.

The works of Mir Waiz, Aliya Mirza and Nsir Malik drew special attention of art lovers. Waiz depicted the misery and suffering of children and women of Afghanistan.  Aliya's ten feminist paintings including 'missing women', buried alive', 'resistance' and 'how many walls' depicted multiple discrimination and violence faced by women. Nsir Malik's calligraphy and portraits were much appreciated.   

Ms Cecilie Landsverk  was most impressed by the diversity of art work by both students and senior artists put on display.  She reiterated her continuing commitment to support cultural activities in Pakistan and wished everyone a Happy International Women’s Day.  She thanked the Rawalpindi Arts Council and the student of Foundation University for inviting her to celebrate International Women’s Day with them.

 Ms Tahira Abdullah appreciated the commitment to art of both the Rawalpindi Arts Council and the student of Foundation University.  She encouraged the young art students to learn how to depict the situation of women in Pakistan, particularly reflecting ‘violence  against women’ from the  works  of Alya Mirza and Mir Waiz and Nsir Malik.  She requested the students never to forget those 50,000 Pakistanis killed by  the  terrorists.  The art work of 12 students by Foundation University had a theme of ‘Death and Soul’.  The students depicted the situation women, the poor,  the persecuted and the unfortunate members of society.  The Malala Yousafzai's corner portrayed Malala's courage through paintings and art collage. 

Ms Samina Jamshed, Art Therapist, said  that the exhibition was a good opportunity for the young artists to display their work, and also learn from the works  of senior artists.  She said that the exhibition would be on till Monday evening (March 11, 2013).

The art exhibition was endorsed by Mi Corazon, a Canadian NGO, and was supported by Aurat Foundation.