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3rd meeting with Pakistan Tehreek Insaf manifesto suggestions., Office of S.M. Zafar at Lahore

Office of S.M. Zafar at Lahore

3rd meeting with Pakistan Tehreek Insaf manifesto suggestions.

Aurat Foundation organized an advocacy meeting on Suggestions on Women’s Empowerment for Election Manifestos of Political Parties with Mr S.M. Zafar, Chairperson of manifesto committee of Pakistan Muslim League (Q) on 12Jan 2013 at his office, Lahore.

Mr S. M. Zafar appreciated the AF’s contribution for the preparation the suggestions of political party’s manifestos for women empowerment. During the discussion, he agreed and gave the commitment to AF team that following suggestions will be incorporated into PML Q’s manifesto:

Education budget will be increased 5%  of GDP, health budget will be increased 5%  of GDP, representation of women on reserved seats will be increased 17% to 33% at senate, national and provincial level, representation of women on all decision making level of party will be increased 33%.  PML Q will be enacted of laws which had been passed at national level, legislation on  Domestic Violence, Home based workers will be on the priority of PML Q. Social protection measures to address the women’s poverty will be introduced. PML Q will take up the initiative of gender disaggregated data and also improved the sex disaggregated data in all walks of life with focus; Labour and ECP. PML Q has primary focus on restoration of Local Government system in all provinces and it will be.PML Q will establish PCSWs to formally monitor and deal with cases of violations of existing GBV laws and also be introduced a comprehensive women protection policy. PML Q will be focused on implementation of laws.

On the point of award at least 15% tickets to women on winnable general seats in elections for Provincial and National Assemblies, he said that I myself agreed on it but it is not possible for me. He said that he will table the suggestion on manifesto committee members.