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Meeting with Pakistan People’s Party on manifesto suggestions for women’s empowerment., PPP office, Model Town, Lahore

PPP office, Model Town, Lahore

Meeting with Pakistan People’s Party on manifesto suggestions for women’s empowerment.

Aurat Foundation organized an advocacy meeting on Suggestions on Women’s Empowerment for Election Manifestos of Political Parties with Mr Jahngeer Badar, Member Manifesto Committee of Pakistan People’s Party on 12Jan 2013 at his office, Lahore.

Mr Jahangeer Badar appreciated the AF’s contribution for the preparation the suggestions for women empowerment. During the discussion, he said that now priorities of political parties have been changed due to political expediency. This is time to change the mind set of extremist and it can be change through media. He said that he will ensure to include the suggestions about violence against women, women and media, discriminative laws against women.  On the point of training of political party workers, he shared that PPP Leader Benzir Bhutto (Late) had enforced the mandatory training  for all party members, the training regarding political ethics and political skills etc. He admitted that all over the world women are taken for granted as house made and sex proposition and it so cruel and injustice dealing. He endorsed AF suggestions and also offered to arrange a meeting with manifesto committee members of PPP and with women caucus.