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46TH Common group of Civil Services Academy has visited the Aurat Foundation office., Lahore


46TH Common group of Civil Services Academy has visited the Aurat Foundation office.

15 A group of officers from the 46TH Common group of Civil Services Academy, Walton Lahore has visited the Aurat Foundation office on 3rd January 2019 for insight and analysis of field & community work. They selected the Women Development Department, Punjab and Aurat Foundation for the to get familiar and to compare Public and private sector working structures.

Meeting was started with the formal welcome note and round of introduction of participants. Aurat Foundation team led a presentation for CSPs to narrate the history, objectives, Mission vision and outreach and networking of the organization .Moreover Highlights and achievements of different Programs like GEP.AAWAZ Voice & Accountability Project, Creating Spaces OXFAM Project and other important initiatives/Campaigns were also shared.

While furthering the session, CSP officers raised different questions regarding various systems of the organization, legal framework their human resources policy, key issues and challenges, recruitment policy and procedures for better conceptual clarity.

A short discussion session between some selected member parliaments from different political parties (who came creating spaces OXFAM exchange visit in Lahore) and Parliamentarians also responded to the question by CSP officers regarding the challenges of law making process and its effective implementation process and how best they can support in minimizing the gap between institutions, public and service delivery departments.

After the brief meeting they had a round of office visit to different sections and library and appreciated the publication and IEC Material.