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Launching Ceremony of Participatory Policy Assessment, Lahore


Launching Ceremony of Participatory Policy Assessment

Launching ceremony of participatory policy assessment on Socio-Economic rights of women working in agriculture sector was held on  30th Oct 2018 which was graced by Honorable Tsakhia Elbegdorj, President of Mongolia (2009-17), Mr. Naeem A Mirza, Executive Director AF, Mr. Rafael ,Program Officer  Club de Madrid,Mr  Muhammad Sohail ,Additional Secretary Labour ,Mr Hasnat ,Team Lead, Ms Mumtaz Mughal , Resident Director AF Lahore spoke on the occasion.

The aim of the ceremony was to share the findings and recomendations of participatory assesment report on promotion and protection of socio-economic rights of agrarian women in Punjab. 
The event was presided by the Tskhlagin Elbgdore, former president of Mangolia ,In his keynote address he expressed his deep concerns  over the pathetic  situation  which these women are facing  and  not being paid  according to their labor and considered it very unjust  and discriminatory . He appreciated the efforts of the Aurat Foundation,s team members who work hard   to  compile the research  and highlighted the  plight of agrarian  women He coated the over all  working    conditions, key findings  mentioned  in the assessment report  which shows that  they are engaged as farmers and workers  in agricultural development development through participation in farm operation s, livestock farming  performing tasks , which include fetching water , fuel , rice plantation and dairy production  harvesting  key agriculture outputs , such as cotton , fruits , vegetables .he said that on average women spend around 12 to 15 hours daily  on agricultural activities He added that wagesetting through collective bargaining  unions is  rare  as trade unions  stand shrunk in number .He elaborated  that these women and their work should  be considered at domestic , society and state level .He suggested  a strong implementation  mechanism  must be in place to address the situation  of health , social protection , labor , wages  and work load  which these women are bearing  hardships  in their daily lives .He also Emphasized that a specific mechanism  should be developed  on the policy making and legislation.  In the absence of any policy  and  laws as pensioned in the report  , new law and policy should  be formed  to give these women  protection 
Mr  Rafeel Program Officer Club de Madrid  while talking on the ocassion,gave the introduction  of project partners and  findings of assessment  report  and said that this is an eye opener which shows the very poor  socio economic condition and there is a dire need to addressed  by the related stake holders.
Mr Naeem   Ahemd Mirza , Executive Director Aurat Foundation emphasized that agriculture in Pakistan though continues to hold the largest infrastructure  and workforce base with nearly 70 percent women working in the informal sector, its GDP ratio in the national economy has drastically fallen down with the dramatic expansion of service sector in recent decades. The economic wizards of the new government in Pakistan should focus on this aspect and must frame such macro-economic policies and plans that industry and agriculture get back their due share in national economy.
He further narratted that  findings of the report for the protection of socio-economic rights of agrarian women are solid and should be taken into account and urged that there should be sex disaggregated data, an appropriate and gender-responsive agriculture policy, social protection safety nets focussing on the needs of women farmers, equal wages and legal recognition of their status.
Mr Hasnat javaid ,Team Leader gave the detail presentation about the assessment report findings  in the light of interviews with the agrarian  women and  other  stakeholders with the highlights of the the key finding . 

Mumtaz Mughal  Resident Director of Aurat Foundation  shared that the Participatory Policy Assessment aims to identify gaps in the provision of socio-economic rights to women in the agriculture sector in Punjab under the existing labour laws, and policy framework in the context of GSP+ and SDGs. It also aims to provide policy recommendations and a road map for lawmakers, policymakers as well as civil society organizations and other stakeholders for the promotion and protection of agrarian women’s labour rights.presented the key results of this report and gave the facts and figures which shows the socio economics condition  of these women 59% women cannot spend their earnings according to their will . 65% women   work in fields and also in their homes ,64.71%women have no access to their family  inheritance  documents , so they cannot  have access to the micro credit schemes and modern technology services , 77% women have no information about the institutions are working for small loans 92% women have no access to the health facilities 68% women have to work during their pregnancy and they have no proper food  and nutrition, so they become sick 41% women face harassment while  they travel to their work place ,87% women do not know about the legislation the insitutions working for their protection ,21% face  sexual violence , they do not know that in this case to whome they should report , 90% women are illiterate , 60% donot have information about their right to unionize , these women have not given the right to represent in the local bodies  due to the lacuna s in local government system 2013, there for they are out of the descion making process  and as a result their socio economic issues are being over looked . 

Mr. Sohail Ahmed ,Additional Secretory Punjab labor Department highlighted the women Empowerment package initiatives in Punjab favouring rural women in general and highly acknowledged the findings  of partipatory assesment report and showed his commitment to include the recomendation in forth coming labour policy. 

One Day Provincial Conference to resent the Roadmap:

On the eve of 30th October 2018,A confrence was held was with  Mr. Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj Former President, Mongolia & Mr. Rafael, Program officer Club de Madrid to discuss the proposed road map in the light of Participatory Policy assesment The main agenda of this meeting was to look forward for the policy changes.
During the meeting,Ms. Ashifa Riaz Fatana Minister for Women Development Department appreciated the efforts of Aurat Foundation & showed her commitment in this regard.
Mr. Muhammad Ajmal Cheema Minister for Social welfare Department also encouraged this Participatory assessment report, and said that we should work for the social security of agrarian women. Mr. Salman Sufi, Mr. Zulfiqar Younis Director Program CSA, Mr. Mubashir Iqbal Mayor Lahore City, Ms. Mehnaz Raffi, senior Politician gave their input on the findings of participatory assessment Report. They were in a view that collaborated efforts should be taken for the socio-economic rights of agrarian women rights in Punjab. Mr. Inayat Ullah Lak, Director General Punjab Assembly presented the shield to Mr. Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj.
At the closing of the event Mian Imran Masood former Minister Education presented shield on behalf of Ch Pervaz Elahi, Speaker Punjab Assembly to Honorable Tsakhia Elbegdorj, President Mongolia (2009-17). Mr. Rafael presented the copy of PPA report to Ms. Ashifa Raiz Minister for Women Development Punjab.
A Road Map of Promotion and Protection of Socio-economic Rights of Women Working in Agriculture Sector in Punjab was shared respectively.

Advocacy &Lobbying Meeting with Punjab Assesmbly Office :

A meeting with Punjab Assesmbly staff was orgnized on 31st October 2018 where Ms Mumtaz Mughal shared the objectives of INSPIRED+Pakistan Project and the findings of Participatory policy asssesment to push the members on the required legislation for the protection mechanism to promote socio-economic rights of agrarian women in Punjab.

Meeting with Governor punjab:
Advocacy and lobbying meeting with,Ch Server ,Honourable Governer punjab was arranged in which INSIPRED+Pakistan team alongwith  
Mr. Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj Former President, Mongolia , Mr. Rafael, Program officer Club de Madrid and other AF team .The important findings of Participatory assesment report were shared and highlighted the importance of relavant legislations to protect and promote the socio-economic rights of agrarian women in Punjab.