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One Day Training of Social Mobiliserís, Lahore


One Day Training of Social Mobiliserís

Aurat Foundation organized a “One Day Training of Social Mobilizers” on exercising her right to vote: civic and political pathways to women’s political participation in Pakistan. 32 Social Mobiliser’s participated in training session (16 Social Mobilizer from AF & 16 from SAP-Pk).  Training was divided into five sessions. First session was comprised of welcome note, introduction of participants and objectives and background of the training. In second session, a quiz was planned to assess the social mobilisers knowledge about on election day activities i.e. voter education campagin done by ECP, 8300 process, poling scheme and turn out of female voters in last elections etc. In third session, a plannery session was conducted on “Why women do not vote as much as men do in Pakistan” and “Importance of Women’s vote” to increase the information and knowledge level of participations. In fourth session, Exercise, Group work and Presentations were done on how we motivate the female voters for voting? (Group exercise and mobilization tips), Process of intervention (step wise explanation of various stages of the intervention): Step 1: Door pitch (introduction of CSO and their visit of coming- elections, ECP measures, why women should vote), Step 2: Review and explain Checklist (recording sheet for men/women present in the HH), Step 3: Ice-breaking session (engage in a conversation about the following: when is election day, voting being everyone’s right accountability, why people don’t vote especially women, gender gap in voter turnout), Step 4: Agenda setting  Women: video, info brochures, mock ballot, pledge to vote. Men: video, motivational script, info brochures, pledge to facilitate women in your HH to vote. (Demo of what the motivational script will look like for men in this step which will then be followed by step 5-7). Step 5: Video (show video: “ek vote”) followed by discussion on the video. Step 6: Discuss Information Brochure 1 Step 7: Discuss Information Brochure 2. Activities during demo of Information Brochure 2 (step 7): CNIC reminder, Demo of 8300, Mock voting exercise (women only) and Verbal Pledge to vote (men and women). In fifth session, finalized the work plan of mobilizers visit, distribution of union councils and material. The training was conducted by Anjum Rafiq, Samina Javeed, Nabeela Shaheen and Sara Anam. 

 In the end of training, Mr. Tahir Mansoor Khan, Director Elections, Provincial Election Commissioner, Punjab and Ms. Huda Ali Gohar, Public Relation Officer ECP, Punjab p in closing of training. Mr. Tahir Mansoor Khan shared the initatives which ECP has taken for voter’s facilitation. Both ECP representatives shared about role of voter education committees and gender and disability electoral working group, ECP initiative’s i.e. 8300, GIS polling scheme,  training material, code of conduct for observers and candidates, result transmission system (RTS) and others. They also appreciated AF efforts and contribution towards voter education campaign and election observation. They hoped that AF and others CSOs interventions will be helpful to increase women’s turn out in up comping election as well as build the trust on democratic process.