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Focus Group Discussion to Define and Uncover Issues Faced by Agrarian Women Workers, Lahore


Focus Group Discussion to Define and Uncover Issues Faced by Agrarian Women Workers

Aurat Foundation has organized focus group discussion on 23rd February 2018 by INSPIRED+Team Aurat Foundation Lahore. Participants were from Civil society, MPAs, Members from various service proving institutes /Banks and individual experts to discuss and define participatory policy analysis (PPA) - policy research in the area of socio-economic rights of women.

The main findings of the first discussion were: There’s no recognition of socio-economic rights of agrarian women in labor policy. There is a need to establish agrarian women network/ federation. There’s no safety and protection mechanism for agrarian women workers. There’s no dispute resolution mechanism for agrarian women. 

While speaking on the occasion, Justice ® Nasira Javed Iqbal said, “Women should make their independent unions for demanding their rights .Although it is the prime duty of the local governments to educate women at grassroots level. In near future, there will be no space to live, everyone is making shopping malls and residential colonies on agricultural land. We cannot protect agricultural land and we are talking about preserving the rights of agrarian women. There is a need for serious legislation and implementation to make our country great.”

Mumtaz Mughal said, “To maintain the GSP Plus status we have to maintain 27 conventions. Women in agriculture have registered land but they do not have any possession- loans are sanctioned on their name but they do not receive any loan amount. Women working in agriculture are less educated as compared to their male counterparts. Women in agriculture are not involved in decision making. They do not have access to health facilities, social protection, safety nets and micro-credit. There is no daycare centre for the infants.
Nasim Iqbal Chairperson President Mathilda Majlis said that   “This is an election year; women have a very strong and beneficial time to put their demands on the table. We should jointly assist and engage all the political parties and ask them to add this to their manifesto, so they can work for the betterment of agrarian women”