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Sixth WLP National TOT May 26-31, 2018 Shangrila Resorts, Murree, Murree


Sixth WLP National TOT May 26-31, 2018 Shangrila Resorts, Murree

Pakistan being among 20 global partners with Women Learning Partnership, USA held its 6th National Training of Trainers in Murree. Aurat Foundation leading Pakistan’s chapter of the partnership facilitated the NTOT from May 26-31, 2018 at Shangrila Resorts in Murree. 

A Pre institute activity was held with WLP trainers during the first two days of the training to plan and execute WLP’s training manuals on democratic governance, introduce these manuals and give basic orientation of the manuals to the participants. Trainers included Ms Rabeea Hadi, Ms Myra Imran, Ms Hina Akram and Mr Ali Shabbar. 

This was the right time to conduct this training because the manuals are very relevant to current political scenario of the country. The group with whom the training was conducted included a dynamic mix of new and old political party workers thus the experiences shared by senior workers helped the young to understand basics of democracy, political struggles undergone and their rights as responsible voters. Thus the interest level of the participants remained high throughout the training as most of them are contesting elections at council level during general elections of July 2018. 

The training was attended by 19 members and topics included (but not limited to) were leadership, culture of democracy, human rights and violence and conflict and governance. The mode of training remained interactive where the participants were engaged in the sessions through group works and role plays. Sessions were planned based on the modules, Leading to Choices, Beyond Equality and Leading to a Culture of Democracy. Group projects were assigned to the participants mainly focussing on how they intend to replicate the training in their respective communities which were presented by them at the end of the training.