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Bi Monthly Meeting District Action Committee - Karachi, Karachi


Bi Monthly Meeting District Action Committee - Karachi

Aurat Foundation has initiated a project titled "Empowerment of Women Home-based workers and excluded groups in Pakistan" in partnership with Home Net Pakistan with the support of UN Women implemented in Karachi and Thatta. Under this project District Action Committees (DAC’s) are formed in these districts. DAC basically is a group of members of different stakeholders at district level, they include home-based workers (HBW’s), organizations working on HBWs, government departments, (Labour Dept, Social Welfare, Women Development, Local Govt, Human Rights) trade unions officials, lawyers, political leaders, NGO’s representatives, disable women, transgenders, and media.

The Sindh Assembly passed Home Based Workers bill, 2018 on May 09, 2018 to protect the rights of home based workres. Aurat Foundation conducted a Meeting of District Action Committee – Karachi on May 21, 2018.

Mahnaz Rahman, Resident Director – Karachi shared the law clause by clause and sought recommendations for rules of business of the Law. Participants of the meeting gave their suggestions and recommendations for the implementation mechanism of this law.
Representatives of Labour department, Women Development Department, Associated Press of Pakistan, Pakistan Hidu Council, Women Development Foundation – Pakistan, Hunar Ghar, Entrepreneur and Community Development Institute, Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum and Raana Liaquat Community Center were present in the meeting.