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Aurat Foundation Lahore welcomes renowned Nepalese feminist, Ms. Chandani Joshi , Lahore


Aurat Foundation Lahore welcomes renowned Nepalese feminist, Ms. Chandani Joshi

Aurat Foundation welcomed renowned Napalese feminist and AF’s dear friend, Ms. Chandani Joshi to the AF’s Lahore offices.

Ms. Joshi recollected her memories of working with Ms. Nigar Ahmad and Aurat Foundation in the early 90s.

She recalled Nigar’s passion to help peasant women acquire knowledge of their rights  and take charge of the their financial and economic conditions. Ms. Joshi recalled Nigar’s passion being turned into real action with the First National Haryali Peasant Women Conference in November 3-4, 1991 and Second National Haryali Peasant Women Conference in February 17-20, 1993, the first of their kind in Pakistan. The conference allowed a chance and space for these women to discuss their discussed their social, political, economic and environment issues and suggested solutions at the community and government level.  Chandani Joshi also recalled the memories of   the Peasant Women National Summit on Environment and Development 1991, Katmandu, Nepal and the Regional Conference on Women and Environment in February 10-12, 1992.

She talked fondly of Shehla Zia and paid tribute to the commitment of both founding members, Nigar and Shehla for their devotion and struggle towards women’s rights. She also recollected fond personal memories of their personal friendship over these years. Commenting on the status of women in Pakistan today, Ms. Joshi she said that she believed that the country was heading in the right direction with legislation coming into effect and the overall silence over these issues gradually ending.

Ms. Chandani Joshi played a great role for the women of Pakistan as well.  Women in Pakistan. She setup the first South Asian Regional United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) in Pakistan and India.

Besides a large number of Aurat Foundation’s Women Leaders present at the event, Nigar Ahmad, herself was present at the occasion. Others included members of the provincial assembly, members of civil society organisations and individual activists and members of the media.