Aurat Publication & Information Service Foundation
Aurat Publication and Information Service Foundation

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen local governments and rights based CSOs so that they can contribute to improved governance, accountability and governance processes at local, sub-national and national level in Pakistan. It will achieve its overall objective at three levels i.e. local, sub-national and national level.

Project Objectives are:

  • Strengthening coordination and networking between different tiers of local governments, between the local governments and the provincial authorities, and between the local governments and CSOs to improving the demand side by creating awareness amongst the target population to demand efficient and quality services and participate in decisions.

  • Develop coordination and consensus amongst the LGs and sub national government to influence required policy change and on issues such as release of timely resources to the local governments for effective planning and also engage the Sub-national CSO networks.

  • Sharing good practices and lessons learned with various CSO networks to create a multiplier effect and advocate at various levels including the national parliamentarians elected from these districts; hence creating a momentum that can affect a more cohesive effort towards affecting local governance.